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Bathroom lights and exterior lights…We are often asked if antique lights for sale on our web site are suitable for use in bathrooms or outdoors.  Because antique lights are not IP rated, we have to say no if the position would fall within any of the wet zones in a bathroom, such as close to the sink, bath or shower. Outside, if the light would be open to the elements, we also have to say no.    

Water Resistant Bathroom Lighting

So, we are so delighted to announce that we have recently started to stock and offer a newly designed water resistant G9 lamp holder which really does remove the IP44 headache for both us and our customers.   

Available in three different shapes and sizes to offer maximum versatility. 

So, the brilliant news is that you can browse our lighting online shop and if you see an art nouveau wall light which would be perfect in your bathroom, or an arts and crafts lantern to complete your porch, just ask prior to purchase if we can adapt the item to make it water resistant.

Of course, these lamp holders can also be utilised in our hand made Ashby Collection too.  Don’t you just love a bit of good news! 

Are you currently planning a bathroom project?  If so, we would love to discuss lighting solutions with you, please get in touch on 07525773614 or email