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It’s a well known fact that art nouveau styling was heavily influenced by nature.

To enhance our beautiful antique vaseline glass shades, we have designed and made a delicate dragon fly with a brass body and copper wings.  It perches playfully on the lighting cable and becomes a whimsical feature – a part of the light yet a character in its own right.

We have also taken inspiration from the eminent Arts and Crafts lighting designer WAS Benson and replicated his copper lily pad. This sits elegantly above the glass shade…almost appearing to float there.  Combining both the lily pad and the dragon fly really does transform a beautiful pendant light into a delightful decorative feature.

To continue our aim of providing customisable lighting, the lily pad and dragon fly can be added to most of the small vaseline glass shades for sale in our online shop.  Please enquire if you would like to see other glass shades as we have a huge selection in our warehouse. 

Our handmade lighting collection is made in our workshop in Melbourne, South Derbyshire.  If you would like to visit and discuss a lighting project, please get in touch. And maybe you can find your own Dragon fly light.

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