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arts and crafts chandelier

Finding the perfect antique chandelier can sometimes seem impossible.  Lighting is often one of the last pieces we buy for a room and it just has to be prefect!  After all, this light is going to be illuminating the room and drawing attention to itself for years to come…  The same can be said for table lamps.  You may find the perfect art nouveau table lamp base but the shade just doesn’t suit your colour scheme. 

Does this mean you have to carry on looking?  No it doesn’t!  We are more than happy to swap glass shades for another colour or style.  We have literally thousands of antique glass shades which we select from to complete our restored antique lighting.  We also have lots of choice in vaseline glass shades from our glass blower too.   

Swapping the shades is a process I go through every week for prospective customers.  It’s a part of the job I really enjoy – trying to interpret descriptions and looking at photos of the room in question. 

This photo shows four different options for the same original arts and crafts chandelier…which shades would you have chosen?

Once I understand your requirements, I will send photos of options for you to consider. Don’t worry if we don’t strike lucky straight away, we are happy to to listen to your feedback and try again.  If you are able to visit our workshop in Melbourne, South Derbyshire, we can do this process with you in person. 

Get in touch with us at or call Rachel on 07525773614 to discuss further

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