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Today it is Small Business Saturday and as a small business owner, we are really excited about that because it’s a subject close to our hearts.


Last weekend, we visited the Chatsworth House Christmas Fair and I have to say I was so impressed with the variety and originality of the goods on offer.


It’s so easy today to always choose the large retailers, the shops we all recognise and know well which fill every shopping centre across the country and beyond.  Whether we are shopping for clothes, interiors, food or just a cup of coffee, we believe that we can trust these retailers, we know what to expect, it feels safe…


Buy Unique Items

But maybe, it’s also a little bit boring?  These large retailers are often only selling a top trend after it has almost hit saturation point.  Have you ever walked into someone’s house and seen the same three piece suite, the same mirror, the same coffee table?  Of course, when it comes to fashion, there’s nothing worse than going to the Christmas party only to find you are one of three women in the same dress…who looks the best in it, you ask yourself?


You can pretty much rest assured that you won’t have this problem if you shop with a small independent retailer.  Original products and fresh ideas.  Let’s call that the first advantage.


It helps the Local Economy more than you think

A second plus point, did you know that it is estimated that for every £1 you spend with a small independent retailer, between 50p-70p stays in the local economy so the benefit continues.  Now that’s something to make you feel good about yourself!


Excellent Customer Service

Thirdly, don’t forget that the customer service you receive from a small business will often far exceed the service you would receive from a large retailer.  Tailoring an order to your requirements is one of the things we do best.   We want you to tell people about us, we want you to return to us.  It’s putting food on our table remember!


I think that’s three really good reasons, don’t you?  Have a look at our unique range of interiors, Mantiques and gifts for men and you can tick all three boxes above…