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We are excited to announce that we will be offering free UK shipping on all items in our online shop during February.  Just use code FREESHIP at checkout. *

We all love free shipping on our online purchases don’t we?  But just as important is careful packing.  We pack our antique lighting very carefully. For example, an art nouveau chandelier will often be fitted with fragile vaseline glass shades and these will always be removed and wrapped separately to ensure that our lights arrive in perfect condition ready to be installed in your home.  After all it really would be a crying shame if an Arts and Crafts lantern over a hundred years old arrived broken.  So be prepared for a box that is far larger than the item you have ordered!

If we can help you with any item in our online shop please do get in touch to discuss.  Don’t forget we can send more photos of any lighting for sale.  We offer a lighting consultation service which can easily be conducted by phone. 

Happy shopping and here is a link to our new stock category

*Please note that this offer doesn’t include extra large items which state door to door courier required.

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