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A History of Vintage Holophane Lighting

By March 6, 2018No Comments

DSC_7354 pAs the trend for industrial lighting continues, vintage Holophane’s popularity has grown.


Otis A Mygatt founded The Holophane Company in London in 1896 and the Holophane Glass Company in New York in 1898. Using a recently patented prismatic glass which refracted light enabling maximum illumination from a low wattage bulb with very little glare.  It revolutionised the practicality of glass lighting.


The word Holophane comes from the Greek words ‘Holos’ and ‘Phainein’ translated ‘to appear completely luminous’


The clever phrase ‘illumineering’ was coined…DSC_7324 p


These handsome lights were of sturdy construction and perfect for factories, offices and churches.  Now they are finding their way into homes, retail and restaurants following reclamation.


There are many different designs to choose from.   Purists will look for complete examples with the original gallery and clips – still with the removable dish underneath which ensured full coverage of the bulb yet enabled it to be changed easily.


We currently have several different styles of Holophane for sale. Take a look at our full range of lighting or search by the word ‘Holophane’

DSC_7031 P